Things you Need to Know for your Next Bathroom Renovation

If you want to improve the look of your bathroom, what you need is a service provider who is an expert in bathroom renovations Etobicoke Pros.  Bathrooms serve as a reflection of your personal style. It is also important for your bathroom to be comfortable.  


To achieve all those, the right bathroom amenities and right fixtures should be installed, as they add to the functionality of your bathroom. You’ll need careful planning, and you also have to choose the right designs. That way, you’ll have the best bathroom of all. Here are some more tips on how to make your bathroom renovation a success.  

  1. Hire a bathroom planner.

A bathroom planner is going to help you greatly in your bathroom remodeling endeavors. Talk to a bathroom planner to ensure that all of the needs of your family are taken care of. Make sure that all of the members of the family are good with the plan so you’ll get the best design. A discussion should ensue about what fixtures you can install and what finishes you should apply.  You should also discuss your working budget. Work within your budget and don’t maximize it. Allow yourself some allowance so you can make the necessary adjustments later on.   

  1. Estimate the time your bathroom renovation needs.

Planning is going to help you in achieving your goals so make sure that you have everything taken care of, including the timeline. A bathroom renovation project usually runs for 30 to 90 days. You’ll go through a lot of temptations of finishing the project fast. But no stick to the project plans no matter how long it will take. Try not to change your plans either or you might stumble upon financial constraints along the way. The more you change plans, the more you’ll extend the time needed for construction.   

  1. Choose a bathroom layout.

A lot of homes have a bathroom that has a bathtub, toilet, and sink. That bathroom can be further updated to include extras like shower and bidet. It’s also possible to have extra sinks, for his and hers. This is very popular among residential homeowners.   

  1. Customize your bathroom.

You may install a standard bathroom but there’s always that option to customize your bathroom. There are many fixtures that you can add to make your bathroom entirely yours. Some of your options include installing cabinets and countertops in a particular area of the room.  

  1. Add a wet room.

It’s best for your bathroom to have a wet room that has a shower, enclosure, and bathtub. That way, the water will run away towards the drains. Be sure that your entire room is waterproof so that there won’t be any instance of mold and mildew.  

  1. Make it an ensuite. 

If the proximity of the bedroom to the bathroom is short, consider making your bathroom an en suite. You may add an exhaust fan into the bathroom to help address the moisture. Plan everything well, including whether or not you should install an inlet valve.   

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