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The following articles should help in your restoration projects. Just "click" the Title.

Varnishing wood can be a tricky business. 

There are two basic problems. 

1. The wood has pores, grain structure and variations in density. 

2. The varnish has a high surface tension.  

This means the varnish will move itself around and cure unevenly. 

Most finishers just keep adding coats and then do a "rough" sand to knock down the lumps after 6 or 7 coats. 

Doing an initial seal coat does help mitigate this problem but there is still "uneveness". 

Try this trick on a piece of scrap wood: Add Penetrol to your varnish in your pot according to instructions on the can. 

Play around with it until you like it or quit trying. 

Read "Varnish Perfection" to get some more tips.


Varnish Perfection