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1000 Islands ACBS

on the majestic Saint Lawrence River
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Thousand Island Boats

These boats were made in the 1000 Islands region of New York and Ontario, CA.


Boat Name                                         Builder                                    Year


Addie                                                  L. E. Fry                                 1915

Boopsy                                                Brainard Robbins                   1937

Fair Lady                                            L. E. Fry                                  1916

Foot Loose & Fancy Free                    Fitzgerald & Lee                    1937

Gadfly                                                 Hutchinson                             1931   

Genie                                                  St. Lawrence Launch             1890

Harm                                                   Cupernall                               1937

Idyll Oaks                                            Hutchinson                             1924

Katherine                                            Wilbur & Wheelock                1895

Long Rock                                          John Lindsey                          1932

Mah Bin                                              Brainard Robbins                    1925

Miss T                                                 Raymond Andress                   1962

Missy II                                               Hutchinson                              1946

Mrs. Lewis                                          Hiram Wiswell                         1936

Our Ma                                                Fitzgerald & Lee                     1935

Pardon Me                                          Hutchinson                              1948

Shadow                                              Fry & Denny                            1921

That’s Her                                           Brainard Robbins                    1933

Wild Goose                                         Hutchinson                              1915